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Sanitation facilities
Matters concerning kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities, water supply, hot water, sewage disposal, trash, rodents and insects. (More ...)

Building systems
Matters concerning heating, ventilation, electricity and lighting. (More ...)

Structural elements
Vermont law specifies rental units need to be weather tight, watertight, rodent proof and in good repair. (More ...)

Lead paint
Rules regarding essential maintenance practices (EMPs) and permitting for renovations of pre-1978 rental units. (More ...)

Life safety
Rules regarding smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, exits and ventilation of fuel-burning heating appliances. (More ...)

Mobile homes/rented lots
Vermont law specifies every rented mobile home lot must provide connection to electrical services, water supply and sewage disposal. (More ...)

Other health and safety concerns
Other matters outside Vermont's Health and Safety codes for residential rental housing. (More ...)